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The Biomedical Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin fosters a culture of innovation where critical thinking and creativity through research, lead toward the improvement of disease diagnosis and treatment.

Advances in health care are driven by individuals with interdisciplinary education and training that spans the fields of engineering, biology, and high-performance computing. Our goals include educating undergraduate and graduate students in the fundamentals of engineering and science as they relate medicine and performing multidisciplinary, disease-oriented research at the molecular and cellular levels.


Research Spotlight:
Advanced 3D Single-Molecule Tracking Microscope Helps Researchers Understand Cancer


A paper published in Nature Communications authored by Evan Perillo, a graduate student working with Professors Andrew Dunn and Tim Yeh, describes an imaging system that can detect movement of single epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs), an important membrane receptor in cancer growth. Before this imaging system, there has not been a precise way to view molecular movement of membrane receptors. By tracking where receptors travel, researchers will gain a better understanding of the disease's behavior and be better equipped to provide solutions for prohibiting cancer growth. Read more...