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The Center for Emerging Imaging Technologies (CEIT) serves as a hub for the development and application of advanced biomedical imaging technologies.

CEIT brings together UT Austin engineers and scientists with clinical scientists and physicians at various medical centers within Texas. CEIT builds on strengths in optical imaging, biomedical optics, ultrasound and image processing to create novel imaging approaches for understanding basic biological processes and clinical applications for disease treatment and diagnosis. 

CEIT fosters collaborative imaging research at the interface of the chemical, physical, mathematical, engineering and life sciences. CEIT focuses on the following research areas for diagnosis and treatment of disease: 

Novel Imaging Techniques: Researchers are developing new techniques for imaging biological structure and function with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity. To better understand fundamental biology and clinically driven problems, researchers are developing approaches based on optics, ultrasound and MRI. 

Instrumentation and Devices: Researchers are developing new devices based on microfluidics, nanoelectronics and biomedical microelectromechanical systems (bio-MEMS). 

Imaging Contrast Agents: Researchers are developing new probes based on plasmonic particles, fluorescent contrast agents for molecular imaging and genetically encoded fluorescent probes. 

Image Processing, Modeling and Informatics: Researchers are leading clinical studies with partners at local medical centers and industry collaborators. 

Center for Emerging Imaging Technologies