Imaging image guided option2

The field of biomedical imaging employs physics, mathematics, computational science, and engineering to develop novel devices for visualizing phenomenon at different spatial and temporal scales. These scales range from the cellular to organ level, meaning imaging can capture the interactions between individual neurons, blood flow through arteries, or the entire motion of the heart as it beats. Imaging is a rapidly evolving field and new technologies are constantly being developed. These advancements are providing us with new insights into how the body functions, how diseases develop and progress, and how to deliver new treatments more effectively. The field of image-guided interventions is closely related to imaging. Image-guided interventions employs new imaging technologies and protocols to target, guide, or control medical therapies. Image-guidance is used to diagnose diseases, collect tissue samples, or deliver treatments. It is crucial to a host of clinical applications, including cancer radiotherapy, angioplasty and stenting, and interventional stroke treatments.