senior design

"Senior Design was the most important snapshot of what I could do with my degree. Working with a team is key, which is the foundation for this course. Identifying who has what skills, how we could leverage different team members’ abilities, determining how to split a workload—we had a job to accomplish, and it felt like we were running a business." —Patrick Sullivan, B.S. 2014

Our undergraduate curriculum prepares students to think like engineers through hands-on, practical learning experiences. These opportunities culminate with Senior Design—a year-long course where students engineer and design product prototypes based on actual biomedical engineering problems, working under the guidance of faculty and industry mentors. The Senior Design component of the undergraduate curriculum is consistently mentioned among alumni as one of the premiere factors that prepares them in their careers. While we are no longer accepting projects for this year, we will start accepting project submissions for the 2024-2025 academic year in July 2024. 


Of senior design projects focus on real world biomedical problems and are sponsored by external companies and local physicians