Researchers from the Cockrell School of Engineering were able to shed light on a part of the human body -- the digestive system -- where many questions remain unanswered. Using their "gut inflammation-on-a-chip" microphysiological system, the research team confirmed that intestinal barrier disruption is the onset initiator of gut inflammation. October 25, 2018, Longroom News

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) honored three members today at its annual meeting for their outstanding service. The honorees are Elaine L. Larson, senior associate dean of scholarship and research, Anna C. Maxwell Professor of Nursing Research, and professor of epidemiology at Columbia University; Hedvig Hricak, chair of the department of radiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; and Nicholas Peppas, professor and director of the Institute for Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, and Regenerative Medicine and Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering #6 at the University of Texas at Austin. October 15, 2018 National Academy of Medicine

Teams of students and professionals from across the country competed for 36 hours, developing technology-based solutions for various medical issues. Biomedical engineering junior Landon Hackley, nutrition senior Adelyn Yau, and chemical engineering sophomore Krishna Anand received the award after pitching their project to a panel of judges from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. October 12, 2018, The Daily Texan

News reports show the challenges women face in academia. Harassment, sexism and archaic cultural norms make gender diversity difficult to achieve, particularly in STEM fields. August 23, 2018, Austin American-Statesman

It starts with combating implicit bias. August 22, 2018, Psychology Today

On the morning of May 29, the appointment ceremony of Prof. Nikolaos A. Peppas as an honorary professor at Beihang University was held in the Second Conference Hall of New Main Building. Prof. Peppas is an academician of three US academies, the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Inventors. Prof. Tao Zhi, Vice President of Beihang University, Prof. Li Deyu, Director of International Division, and some teachers and students from the School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering attended the ceremony. Prof. Li Deyu presided over the ceremony. June, 19 2018, Beihang University News & Events

A team of chemical and biomedical engineers from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, have discovered that HIV-infected patients experience a dysfunction in a certain type of immune cell: the follicular helper T (Tfh) cell. April 7, 2018, MedicalXpress

A team of scientists and engineers from the University of Texas at Austin may have figured out a fast and accurate way to diagnose tumors using a pen-sized device. March 22, 2018, CNBC

Celebrating the World’s Top 100 Medicine Makers: #6 Nicholas A. Peppas, Professor and Director of the Institute for Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine, The University of Texas at Austin. March, 2018, The Medicine Maker

While the total number of people affected by nuclear incidents is small, every year millions of cancer patients around the world receive radiation therapy which, while lower-dose, can still cause harmful cumulative side effects. February 14, 2018, Wyss Institute at Harvard