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Want to learn more about biomedical engineering at UT Austin? Check out the Lab Coats Podcast. Hosted by graduate students Shane Allen and Ahmed Hassan, this podcast discusses emerging topics in biomedicine with students, faculty, and other leading experts in the field. Listen here and everywhere podcasts are heard. 


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Graduate Program

Copyright Requirement

Doctoral students are required to provide documentation of having taken (and having passed a test on) the UT Copyright Tutorial. The Tutorial can be taken anytime before turning in the dissertation. It is advised to take it well before that time (early in candidacy), as its goal is to educate the student on the often confusing and constantly changing copyright laws. The Tutorial site provides a test that, after having been taken and passed, provides a Certification of completion. This Certification (or a copy of it) must be turned in by the time of dissertation submission or the dissertation may not be accepted and the student's graduation may be delayed or denied.

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