Room Reservations

Due to COVID-19, meeting room capacities have been adjusted for social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Room reservations in the Biomedical Engineering Building (BME) are available to occupants of the BME Building for departmental and research purposes only from 8:00am-5:00pm. To minimize gatherings due to COVID-19, outside groups, undergraduate students, and student organizations are not allowed to reserve BME rooms at this time. After-hours and weekend room reservations are currently not allowed. Occupants are not allowed to consume food or drinks in meeting rooms at this time.

Events for 11-99 people (beginning May 10, 2021):

Events with 11–99 people must follow these guidelines. First, complete the Docusign form. Once this form is submitted, it routes to the dean and three other people for approval at the campus level. You must allow at least three weeks to get all the necessary approvals. If you do not have final approval one week before your event date, your reservation will be canceled. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Please report technical problems to BME IT.

BME Rooms

After Hours Access to the BME Building

Currently enrolled biomedical engineering undergraduate and graduate students must obtain a Proximity ID Card in order to be given access to the building. The building access list is updated once a semester for currently enrolled students.

Distance Learning Classroom