Texas BME Professors and an Alum Inducted as Fellows of Biomaterials Science and Engineering

December 11, 2020

Two faculty members and one alum from the UT Austin Department of Biomedical Engineering were inducted as Fellows of Biomaterial Science and Engineering (FBSE) at the World Biomaterials Congress held virtually from Glasgow, Scotland, on December 11, 2020. This honorary status recognizes them for excellence in the global community of biomaterials science.

Professor Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez holds the Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Professorship in Engineering #2. The primary focus of her research is to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself by providing improved scaffolds for tissue repair and regeneration.

Professor Laura Suggs, who holds the T. U. Taylor Professorship in Engineering, is primarily interested in the development of biologically active materials and their use and behavior in cardiovascular tissue engineering.

Jennifer West is the Fitzpatrick Family University Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Duke University and received her master’s and doctoral degrees in biomedical engineering from UT Austin. She synthesizes, develops, and applies novel, biofunctional materials and uses biomaterials and engineering approaches to study biological problems.

All three professors are members of the U.S. Society of Biomaterials. Fellows of Biomaterial Science and Engineering are nominated from constituent biomaterials societies of the World Biomaterials Congress (IUS-BSE). New fellows are announced once every four years at World Biomaterials Congress meeting in recognition of excellent professional standing and high achievements in the field of biomaterials science and engineering.