ConTex Awards Postdoctoral Fellowship to Enrique Contreras Hernández

September 18, 2019

Postdoctoral fellow Enrique Contreras Hernández has received the ConTex Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Hernandez works in the lab of Samantha Santacruz, an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering, and received his PhD from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico City, Mexico.


enrique contreras hernandez

The fellowship will provide one-year of funding for Hernández’s research project titled “Design and implementation of optimal-performing neural decoders for cerebrovascular stroke brain-machine interfaces.” This research aims to contribute to and increase knowledge about neuronal coding in different brain structures during the execution of movements. A second goal of the research is to improve the design of neuronal decoders, so that they can be implemented into brain computer interfaces to help restore normal brain function and connectivity in patients with brain injury or mental diseases and to improve performance of external neuronal prosthetic devices.

One of the ConTex program’s objective is to increase scholarly exchange collaboration by supporting Mexican postdoctoral scholars at UT System institutions and UT System postdoctoral scholars at Mexican institutions, for the mutual benefit of the U.S. and Mexico as neighbors and partners.