Research Opportunities


Biomedical Engineering is a new and exciting field wherein experience in cutting-edge research is important to understand both the breadth and depth of the discipline. Over 80% of our graduating seniors report that they have participated in on-campus or off-campus research for at least one semester.

On-Campus Research

BME students are provided with opportunities to network with graduate students and advised to discuss research positions with professors in BME. The advising office offers workshops in partnership with the BME Graduate-Undergraduate Research Union (GURU) student organization that matches students with opportunities in research.

Students have the option to earn course credit for on-campus research (BME 177, 277, or 377).

Off-Campus Research

Students who are interested in a career in research and development are strongly encouraged to participate in off-campus Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs. The advising office offers lists of biomedical-related National Science Foundation (NSF) REU programs, among the hundreds of REUs made possible by the NSF and other sponsors such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Students have the option to earn course credit for off-campus research (BME 377R).

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