Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering 

Technical Area 2

Cellular and biomolecular engineering forms the underpinning of molecular medicine. Areas include tissue engineering, immune engineering, systems biology, genomics, the synthesis of biomaterials that modulate tissue responses, development of smart drug delivery matrices, the design of therapeutic macromolecules, gene therapy and many others. At The University of Texas at Austin, we have a core of faculty that has established an outstanding record of scientific accomplishment and technological innovation. Several successful companies have sprung from research conducted by University of Texas at Austin's biomedical engineering faculty, including Pharmacyclics, Therasense and Focal, among othersl.

Area Faculty

Aaron Baker
Amy Brock
Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez
Don Elbert
George Georgiou
Jenny Jiang
Hyun Jung Kim 
Nicholas Peppas
Nichole Rylander
Michael Sacks
Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert
Jeanne Stachowiak
Laura Suggs
Janet Zoldan

BME faculty and GSC members in Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

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Research Spotlight:
Advanced 3D Single-Molecule Tracking Microscope Helps Researchers Understand Cancer


A paper published in Nature Communications authored by Evan Perillo, a graduate student working with Professors Andrew Dunn and Tim Yeh, describes an imaging system that can detect movement of single epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs), an important membrane receptor in cancer growth. Before this imaging system, there has not been a precise way to view molecular movement of membrane receptors. By tracking where receptors travel, researchers will gain a better understanding of the disease's behavior and be better equipped to provide solutions for prohibiting cancer growth. Read more...