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Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering 

Technical Area 2

Cellular and biomolecular engineering forms the underpinning of molecular medicine. Areas include tissue engineering, immune engineering, systems biology, genomics, the synthesis of biomaterials that modulate tissue responses, development of smart drug delivery matrices, the design of therapeutic macromolecules, gene therapy and many others. At The University of Texas at Austin, we have a core of faculty that has established an outstanding record of scientific accomplishment and technological innovation. Several successful companies have sprung from research conducted by University of Texas at Austin's biomedical engineering faculty, including Pharmacyclics, Therasense and Focal, among othersl.

Area Faculty

Aaron Baker
Amy Brock
George Georgiou
Jenny Jiang
Hyun Jung Kim
Nicholas Peppas
Nichole Rylander
Michael Sacks
Jeanne Stachowiak
Laura Suggs
Janet Zoldan

BME faculty and GSC members in Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering


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Research Spotlight:
Understanding Cell Functionality to Treat Disease

cprit NI2012 faculty summary fig-69

Professor Jeanne Stachowiak examines the system of molecules that drive cellular membranes to curve and theories about the physical processes that are responsible for assembly of curved membrane structures during diverse cellular events such as uptake of drugs and pathogens, wound healing, and cell division. Cellular membranes' ability to curve is critical to health. Generally, cellular membranes curve to form membrane compartments that take up proteins and nutrients from their surrounding environment. If there are disruptions and mutations to this process, disease occurs. Read more...