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Mini-Guts on Microchips
Thursday, January 25, 2018,  3:30
Nancy Allbritton, MD, PhD
Kenan Professor and Chair
Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University


The ability to monitor and manipulate the microenvironment of cells and tissues is one of the most promising applications for microengineered systems. The laboratory is developing a suite of technologies based on microengineered platforms and microfluidics to manipulate and analyze living cells particularly targeting cells of the intestine. We have developed simple, inexpensive fabrication methods utilizing photoresists, plastics, and hydrogels for cell-based arrays, organ-on-chips, and tissue scaffolds. The fabricated devices include detachable, deformable, or biodegradable array elements designed for cell analysis and sorting. A second focus area exploits recent advances in mating living cells with microfabricated systems making it possible to create miniaturized devices with organ level function.  These “organ-on-a-chip” platforms enable the controlled establishment of multicellular tissue-like cell populations from pluripotent cells.

Location  BME 3.204