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The Holy Grail: In-Vivo Measurements of the Conscious Human Brain
Thursday, April 20, 2017,  3:30
Robert J. Buchanan, KM, MD
Associate Professor
Dell Medical School, UT Austin
Chief of Neurosurgery
Seton Brain and Spine Institute

Only the neurosurgeon can access the human brain and study its inner workings. There has been a long tradition of physician-scientists among neurosurgeons who have studied the human brain attempting to define basic normal and pathological functions. 

In 2016 we continue to expand the methods of measuring brain function invasively and non-invasively. I am fortunate to have served many noble patients who have allowed me to not only treat their neurological disease but also to study their brain function. It is only through the study of the human brain that we will be able to understand higher cognitive functions, which define us a human. Furthermore, it is the native disease, not a model, which we are studying, so we need to take advantage of this opportunity as well.

Location  BME 3.204