Diller Receives Mysterious Eyes of Texas Excellence Award

photo of Ken Diller

Kenneth Diller, professor of biomedical engineering and holder of the Robert M. and Prudie Leibrock Endowed Professorship in Engineering and Carroll D. Simmons CentennialTeaching Fellowship in Engineering, was awarded The University of Texas at Austin’s most mysterious award: The Eyes of Texas Excellence Award.

The Eyes of Texas is an anonymous organization that awards ten UT Austin faculty members, administrators or staff members each semester. In a letter addressed to Dr. Diller, the organization wrote that he was recognized for his commitment to students, research and student life. It also addressed his role in founding the BME Department, leading a group of students to Cambridge every year, and teaching the capstone BME Senior Design class.

“We hope to recognize your achievements with this small token, and look forward to your continued excellence at our university,” the letter said.