Former BME Students Integral to Seton’s Commercialization of New Surgical Tool

Seton Healthcare recently partnered with Medical Innovation Labs to license a ringless needle holder that makes suturing during surgeries easier. Learn more about the device and the exclusive licensing agreement.

Invented by Dr. James Allred, a former Seton dermatology resident currently practicing medicine in Kentucky, the device is the first to be developed and licensed by Seton Healthcare. 

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has played a key role in its progress. 

Allred worked with biomedical engineering senior design students to build prototypes. Additionally, biomedical engineering alum Michael Patton is the president and CEO of Medical Innovation Labs, the company commercializing the product. 

The students who worked on the ringless needle holder prototypes were: Tyler Mange, Amy Mistry, Karla Sanchez, and Vanessa White, all of whom graduated in 2015.

“Working with the BME students was helpful,” says Allred. “They brought a systematic process and resources from UT to build a robust prototype that proved the design we had on paper would work in practice. It was a good experience to collaborate and to draw on our different medical and science experiences to benefit patient care.”