Sacks Edits New Book Published by Springer

structure based mechanics of tissues and organs

Springer has published a book co-edited by Professor Michael Sacks titled "Stucture-Based Mechanics of Tissues and Organs."

According to the publisher, the book offers a comprehensive view of tissue modeling across multiple systems, broadens understanding of state-of-the-art computational modeling and optical measurements of tissues/cell structures, and describes in detail fiber scale properties such as orientation and crimp.

The book, intended for biomedical, mechanical, and computational engineering scientists, portrays the commonality of tissue micro-structure that dictates physiological function in various organs. Structurally based models are given to offer insights into the function, structure, and mechanics of tissue components, and contributors give a statement of future directions of the field.

The book is a tribute to Dr. Yoram Lanir of the Technion Institute of Technology who is a pioneer in tissue mechanics modeling and simulation, and is co-edited by Dr. Ghassan Kassab.