Six High School Students Gain University Research Lab Experience


Left to right: Walker Register, Aanandya Mittal, Juila Dansby, Nicholas Peppas, Heidi Culver, John Clegg, Hayden Mast, David Spencer, Zach Jones, Angela Wagner, and Katia Peppas.

Six students from St. Stephen's Episcopal, McNeil High School, and West Lake High School spent three weeks working alongside graduate students John Clegg, Heidi Culver, David Spencer, and Angela Wagner in Dr. Nicholas Peppas' Laboratory of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Bionanotechnology.

They are participating in The University of Texas at Austin Graduate Research in High School Hands Program.

This year's students included: Julia Dansby (12th Grade, Westlake High School), Aanandya Mittal (11th Grade, McNeil High School), Zach Jones (10th Grade, St. Stephen's), Hayden Mast (10th Grade, St. Stephen's), Walker Register (12th Grade, Westlake High School), Katia Peppas (10th Grade, St. Stephen's).

Established by Peppas and his graduate students in 2010, the program gives interested high school students the opportunity to see firsthand the workings of a research laboratory and to foster interest in biomedical engineering.

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