Markey’s Research Wins Best Paper Award in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

There are more reconstruction options available to survivors of breast cancer today. However making a decision about which method to pursue can be difficult.

A paper written by researchers in Dr. Mia K. Markey's lab has been recognized for its insight into breast reconstruction outcomes with the Best North America Paper award in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Global Open for the 2013 calendar year.

The winning manuscript "Plastic Surgeon Expertise in Predicting Breast Reconstruction Outcomes for Patient Decision Analysis," investigates to what extent plastic surgeons can predict breast reconstruction outcomes.

According to the paper, different reconstruction options are well understood, but information about the uncertainties of outcomes, such as the number of possible revisions needed, chances of complications, or the final aesthetic result, are less easy to obtain because large quantities of data are not available.

The study found that plastic surgeons as a group demonstrated the ability to accurately predict some breast reconstruction options better than individuals.

Researchers conclude that several surgeons should be consulted to determine probable reconstruction options rather than relying on one expert, and that it is useful for patients to seek second and third opinions.