Professor Peppas Receives 2011 Excellence in Surface Science Award

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Professor Nicholas A. Peppas has been selected as the recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Surface Science Award of the Surface in Biomaterials Foundation (SIBF). SIBF is dedicated to exploring creative solutions to technical challenges at the BioInterface by fostering education and multidisciplinary cooperation among industrial, academic, clinical and regulatory communities. Each year SBIF bestows an award to a key figure who has shown considerable contribution in the surface science field with emphasis on medical materials and biomaterials. Previous award winners have included Professors Gabor Samorjai of the University of California, Berkeley, George Whitesides of Harvard University, Jim Anderson of Case Western Reserve University, Joe Andrade of the University of Utah, Buddy Ratner of the University of Washington and Julio Palmaz of University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr Peppas will receive the award at the 2011 BioInterface Meeting in Minneapolis on October 24, 2011, where he will present a plenary award lecture.