Students Launch Giving Campaign to Celebrate 10th Anniversary


The 2011–2012 academic year marks the Department of Biomedical Engineering’s 10th anniversary as a full-fledged academic department offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Prior to 2001, research efforts in biomedical engineering were carried out through a graduate program that began in the late 1960s.

To celebrate the ten-year milestone, volunteers from the senior class have launched a student giving campaign to raise money toward the establishment of an endowment to support student programs.

"The beauty of the endowed fund is that a student’s gift will give back to the department for years and years to come," said Kelly Moynihan, a volunteer who will graduate in May 2012. "The campaign represents a venue for students to give back to the department that has presented them with a phenomenal education and amazing opportunities, while simultaneously making a lasting mark on the program by improving it for future students."

The endowment, which is called the BME Endowed Excellence Fund will benefit future BME students by funding scholarships, experiential learning opportunities, and student-led initiatives.

The committee will primarily target students in an effort to involve them and connect them to the department. They may also seek matching incentives from BME faculty or alumni as a way to create excitement for student donors.

Throughout the academic year, the committee will be active, holding pledge drives in the BME Building once a month and at other BME-related events.

"This campaign is about giving back to a community that has given students a great opportunity to prepare themselves in biomedical engineering," said David Young, a volunteer who will graduate in May 2012. "There’s no support network anywhere else at UT like there is in BME, and now I can show my appreciation."

Learn more about the student giving campaign or make a donation online.

10th Anniversary