BME Students Win Poster Competition at Biomaterials Day

Undergraduate and graduate students from The Department of Biomedical Engineering won awards at the poster competition at Biomaterials Day at The University of Texas at Austin. Winners were:

    • Stephanie Steichen, 1st Place Graduate Award
      Strategies for the Enhanced Bioavailability of Orally-Delivered Growth Hormone Utilizing pH-Responsive Polymeric Platforms

    • Michael Koetting, 2nd Place Graduate Award
      pH-Responsive Hydrogels for Improved Bioavailability of Therapeutic Proteins by Oral Administration

    • Ryan Stowers, 3rd Place Graduate Award
      Dynamically Photo-Tunable gels to Modulate Matrix Stiffness

    • Hannah Frizzell, 1st Place Undergraduate Award
      Oral Delivery of siRNA Using pH-Responsive Hydrogel Nanoparticles


photo of four students holding awards

Left to right: Ryan Stowers, Stephanie Steichen, Michael Koetting, and Hannah Frizzell.