Triesault to Attend Coulter College at 2012 BMES Meeting

Nick Triesault, an undergraduate student working in Dr. John Zhang’s lab, has received a $500 travel stipend and $100 towards registration to attend the Coulter College Student Program at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) 2012 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nick Triesault smiling, sitting at desk with computer screens

    Nick Triesault

Triesault received the award for the research described in his paper on the topic of “Closed-Loop Control Imaging System for a Stainless Steel MEMS Micromirror Based Confocal Hyperspectral Microscope.” His research describes a unique computer program that enables a miniature optical scanning device developed in the Zhang lab to examine cancer tissues with large field-of-view and high resolution. In collaboration with  graduate student Youmin Wang, Triesault developed the sophisticated computer algorithm for parallel data acquisition, image construction, and post processing. The ultimate goal is to provide three-dimensional images suitable for further clinical diagnoses. The system also allows for automatic image stabilization suitable for use in a portable handheld cancer detection system.

Triesault is recognized by the Coulter College for his effort developing the computer programs that the microdevice uses to acquire the crucial pathological information towards early disease detection.

The Coulter College program provides a multidisciplinary exploration of topics to which those involved in translational research might not otherwise be exposed. In a creative environment, participants learn to evaluate the best point of leverage within a given clinical need and understand how to evaluate possible outcomes. It is funded by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.