BME Department's Research Shines at LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes' Research Retreat

Two biomedical engineering graduate students and one postdoctoral fellow won awards at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes’ second Basic and Translational Research Retreat poster competition on December 8.

The recognized research all involves building models with the goal of better treating cancer.

Grant Howard, a graduate student working with Professor Amy Brock, received a Top Science at the Graduate Level award for his poster titled A Mathematical Model of Chemoresistance Which Incorporates In Vitro Population Heterogeneity. Howard’s research focuses on discovering how chemoresistance happens and building multiple models to optimize aspects of cancer treatment, such as drug scheduling.

Anum Syed, a graduate student working with Professors Thomas Yankeelov and Anna Sorace, received a Top Science at the Graduate Level award for her poster titled Quantitative in Vivo Imaging of Intratumoral Heterogeneity to Assess Tumor Response to Trastuzumap Therapy in a Murine Model of HER2+ Breast Cancer. Her research focuses on using MRI imaging techniques to build a model that can inform researchers on tumor heterogeneity.


John Digiovanni, Associate Director of Basic Research at the LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes presents Grant Howard (left) and Anum Syed (right) with their research awards. Images courtesy of Dell Medical School.

Additionally David Hormuth, a postdoctoral fellow working with Professor Thomas Yankeelov, received the Top Science at the Postdoctoral level for his poster titled Predicting in Vivo Tumor and Vasculature Growth and Regression With an MRI-Calibrated Biophysical Model.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes’ primary goal is to leverage the incredible breadth of cancer research being conducted in Austin. At the retreat 1230 researchers, students, faculty, and staff across multiple disciplines at The University of Texas at Austin gathered to discuss research programs and collaborations. Read more about the retreat.