Society for Biomaterials Honors Sakiyama-Elbert with Clemson Award for Basic Research

Sakiyama Elbert Shelly

Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert has been awarded the 2017 Clemson Award for Basic Research, the highest research recognition awarded by the Society For Biomaterials.

This award recognizes recipients for contributions to the basic knowledge and understanding of how materials interact with tissue. Dr. Sakiyama-Elbert is recognized for “seminal contributions to the fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering as well as for pioneering approaches to affinity-based drug delivery systems for controlled release of growth factors.”

 Sakiyama-Elbert’s research focuses on developing new bioactive scaffolds for tissue engineering. Her goal is to make materials that can sense cell-derived signals during regeneration and respond by providing biological signals to enhance tissue regeneration. She is also involved in developing new biomaterials for protein delivery and testing drug delivery systems to promote nerve regeneration.

Dr. Elbert is the 45th recipient of this award. She will receive the honor during the 2017 Society For Biomaterials Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, where she will also give a lecture on her research, titled Designing Biomaterials for Nerve Injury.