New Academic Development Grant Will Optimize Undergraduate Design Lab Education

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has received a $51,580 academic development grant from the Cockrell School of Engineering to optimize design lab education for undergraduate students.

The grant will fund the development of new design lab modules that will integrate with the Cockrell School’s Longhorn Maker Studio and leverage students’ hands-on learning.

Aaron Baker, associate professor of biomedical engineering and the department’s undergraduate curriculum committee chair, along with Dan Puperi, biomedical engineering lecturer, will lead the effort to revamp the design lab modules to combine all facets of biomedical engineering with hands-on learning components. First and second-year labs will focus on design lab fundamentals in mechanical, electrical, biomaterials, and cellular engineering, which will prepare students for integrative design labs.

Students will be able to apply their initial designs using resources in the Longhorn Maker Studio, a makerspace with manufacturing tools, 3-D printers, hand tools, and a full suite of testing and electronics equipment. Students will then continue to work on and test designs and prototypes in BME labs.

Students will walk away with a solid foundation in engineering fundamentals, problem solving, and application of practical biomedical engineering skills.