Graduate Studies Committee Members

All BME Ph.D. students must select a supervisor for their dissertation research. Students may work with any member of the BME Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), which is comprised of BME department faculty as well as faculty in related fields who are active participants in the biomedical engineering graduate program at The University of Texas at Austin. The GSC makes curriculum recommendations and is responsible for graduate program policies through the program’s Graduate Advisor. Responsibilities of the GSC include graduate student instruction, advising, and supervising theses, reports, and dissertations.

 Technical Area 1, Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation 

BME Faculty

Andrew Dunn
Research Interests: Optical microscopy, functional brain imaging, molecular imaging, neuroscience. adunn@mail.utexas.edu

Stanislav Emelianov
Research Interests: Ultrasound and MNR elasticity imaging, ultrasound microscopy, molecular imaging. emelian@mail.utexas.edu

Thomas E. Milner
Research Interests: Optical-based therapeutics and diagnostic imaging, biomedical fiber sensors, infrared imaging radiometry. milner@ece.utexas.edu

H. Grady Rylander

Research Interests: Vision research, biomedical sensors, laser applications, neuroprosthesis design. rylander@mail.utexas.edu

James Tunnell
Research Interests: Biomedical optical spectroscopy and imaging; laser-tissue interactions. jtunnell@mail.utexas.edu

Tim H.C. Yeh
Research Interests: Nanobiosensor development, cancer biomarker detection; 3D molecular tracking and super-resolution imaging. tim.yeh@austin.utexas.edu

Xiaojing John Zhang
Research Interests: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanodevices and fabrication for bio-manipulation, imaging and sensing. zhangxj@mail.utexas.edu

Non-BME Faculty at UT Austin

Adela Ben-Yakar
Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Femtosecond Laser Micro-Surgery (FLMS) and Two-photon Imaging using optical MEMS devices and Photonic Bandgap Fibers for cancer detection and treatment; Femtosecond laser micromachining of integrated devices for microfludics. ben-yakar@mail.utexas.edu

Wilson S. Geisler
Research Interests:  Current projects are concerned with perceptual grouping, visual search, natural scene statistics, and the neurophysiology of primary visual cortex. geisler@psy.utexas.edu

Mark F. Hamilton
Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Physical acoustics, ultrasonics. hamilton@mail.utexas.edu

Daniel Johnston

Research Interests: Research in the Johnston laboratory is primarily directed towards understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of learning and memory. We have focused our attention on neurons and synapses from the limbic system, mostly the hippocampus, subiculum, and entorhinal cortex. These areas are known to play important roles in learning and memory. Our research uses quantitative electrophysiological, molecular, optical imaging, and computer modeling techniques. djohnston@mail.clm.utexas.edu

John A. Pearce

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Thermal damage in tissue, electrosurgery, bioelectric phenomena. jpearce@mail.utexas.edu

Martin Poenie
Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Cellular imaging; Cellular regulation and development. poenie@mail.utexas.edu

Jonathan W. Valvano
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Bioinstrumentation, measurement of perfusion, tissue thermal properties, real-time temperature measurements, thermal modeling in tissue, embedded applications of microcomputers. valvano@mail.utexas.edu

Non-BME, Non-UT Austin Faculty

James Bankson
Dept. of Imaging Physics, Divsion of Diagnostic Imaging, MD Anderson
Research interests: Magnetic resonance imaging; fast imaging; quantitative imaging; parallel imaging; system engineering; receiver coil and phased array detector design; signal processing. jbankson@mdanderson.org

Peter Gascoyne
Department of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson
Research Interests: Laboratory-on-chip methods for cell diagnostics and molecular analysis, dialetic particle and droplet manipulation in microfuluidic platforms. pgascoyn@mdanderson.org

Ann Gillenwater

Head & Neck Surgery, MD Anderson
Research Interests: Optical detection and treatment of premalignant and early malignant lesions of upper aerodigestive tract, treatment of advanced skin cancers, treatment of thyroid malignancies. agillenw@mdanderson.org

John D. Hazle
Department of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson
Research Interests: Magnetic resonance imaging, real-time MR imaging, closed-loop systems for managing interventional imaging guided therapies, small animal imaging. jhazle@mdanderson.org
Massoud Motamedi

Director, Biomedical Engineering Center, UTMB Galveston mmotamed@utmb.edu

Konstantin Sokolov
Dept. of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson
Research Interests: optical imaging and spectroscopy of cancer; molecular imaging, multimodal contrast agents; nanoparticles and nanotechnology in molecular imaging.  kostia@mail.utexas.edu

 Technical Area 2, Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

BME Faculty

Aaron Baker
Research Interests: Cardiovascular biology, vascular mechanotransduction, and vascular drug delivery. abbaker@austin.utexas.edu

Amy Brock
Research Interests: Cancer systems biology, heterogeneity and cell state plasticity, gene regulatory networks, cheomtherapy drug resistance, normal differentiation and differentiation therapy. amy.brock@utexas.edu

George Georgiou
Research interests: Antibody engineering, enzyme engineering, protein folding in vivo. gg@che.utexas.edu

Jenny Jiang
Research Interests: Systems immunology, immune repertoire, high-throughput sequencing, single cell analysis, and microfluidics. jiang@austin.utexas.edu

Nicholas Peppas
Research Interests: Biomaterials, controlled drug delivery, molecular modeling of protein structures in contact with biomaterials and tissues, modeling of biomedical devices, bionanotechnology and molecular recognition processes. peppas@che.utexas.edu

Michael Sacks
Research Interests: Cardiovascular biomechanics; computational simulation of the behavior of the cardiovascular system; advanced constitutive models; biomechanical interactions of cell, tissue, and organ in native and engineered heart valves and myocardium.   msacks@ices.utexas.edu

Jeanne Stachowiak
Research Interests: Biological membranes, biophysics, construction of minimal cell-like systems, biomaterials, drug delivery. jcstach@austin.utexas.edu

Laura J. Suggs
Research Interests: Cardiovascular tissue engineering, adult progenitor cells and vasculogenesis, biologically active materials. laura.suggs@engr.utexas.edu

Janet Zoldan
Research Interests: Tissue engineering, stem cell bioengineering, human-induced pluripotent stem cells. zjanet@austin.utexas.edu

Non-BME Faculty at UT Austin

Kevin Dalby
Research Interests: Signal transduction, protein-protein interactions, drug design, cancer, protein kinase biochemistry, and cell biology. dalby@mail.utexas.edu

Andrew Ellington
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Research Interests: Evolutionary engineering of molecules, metabolism and organisms. andy.ellington@mail.utexas.edu)

Li Shi
Mechanical Engineering
Research interests: We investigate transport and nano sciences to advance energy, information, biomedical, and security technologies. lishi@mail.utexas.edu

Jason Shear
Chemistry & Biochemstry
Research interests: Biomaterials, Cellular Engineering, Chemical Microanalysis, Microscopy. jshear@mail.utexas.edu

Hugh Smyth
Research interests: Conrolled release pulmonary drug delivery, dry powder device design, nano-bio interactions. hsmyth@mail.utexas.edu

Max Snodderly
Human Ecology
Research interests: Vision, the effects of aging on vision, and the potential for nutrition to slow or prevent age-related eye disease.  max.snodderly@mail.utexas.edu

Non-BME, Non-UT Austin Faculty

Catherine Ambrose
Orthopedic Surgery, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research Interests: Material property assessment for orthopaedic materials including bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons; biodegradable materials for orthopaedic applications; diagnosis and treatment of metabolic bone diseases including osteoporosis and osteogenesis imperfecta; in vitro and in vivo models for orthopaedic applications. Catherine.G.Ambrose@uth.tmc.edu

Jodie Conyers
UT-Health Science Center at Houston
Research Interests: Atherosclerotic PlaqueImaging Agents, Smart Drug Delivery Platforms,  Ionizing RadiationProtection/Mitigation Agents Multifunctional Vectors. Jodie.L.Conyers@uth.tmc.edu

Yong-Jian Geng
UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research interests: Cardiovascular gene expression; apoptosis; lipoprotein metabolism; transgenic mice; gene and cell therapy; tissue engineering. yong-jian.geng@uth.tmc.edu

George Kramer
Anesthesiology, UTMB - Galveston
Reserch Interests: Microcirculatory transport of fluid and solutes, resuscitation of circulatory shock, mechanisms of membrane depolarization and cellular edema in shock, closed loop technologies to treat medical emergencies. gkramer@utmb.edu

Gregory Reece
Plastic Surgery, MD Anderson
Research Interests: Angiogenesis in wound healing, tissue engineering and vascular biology.  greece@mdanderson.org 

Michael Smolensky
Environmental Physiology, Dept. of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research interests: Cirdadian rhythms in disease processes and their chemotherapy. michael.h.smolensky@uth.tmc.edu

Technical Area 3, Computational Biomedical Engineering

BME Faculty

Kenneth R. Diller
Research Interests: Low-temperature biology, thermal modeling, tissue banking, burn injury, computer vision.  kdiller@mail.utexas.edu

Mia K. Markey
Research Interests: Machine learning and statistical techniques for detection, classification and prediction in biology and medicine, biomedical image analysis.  mia.markey@mail.utexas.edu 

Pengyu Ren
Research Interests: Molecular modeling of biological systems, computational biology.  pren@mail.utexas.edu

Michael Sacks
Research Interests: Cardiovascular biomechanics; computational simulation of the behavior of the cardiovascular system; advanced constitutive models; biomechanical interactions of cell, tissue, and organ in native and engineered heart valves and myocardium. msacks@ices.utexas.edu

Non-BME Faculty at UT Austin

Lawrence D. Abraham
Kinesiology and Health
Research Interests: Neural control of movement, human biomechanics. l.abraham@mail.utexas.edu

Chandrajit L. Bajaj
Computer Science
Research Interests: Computer models of physical domains with associated physics. bajaj@cs.utexas.edu

Ronald E. Barr
Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Biosignal analysis, computer graphics, biomechanics. rbarr@mail.utexas.edu

Alan Bovik
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Biomedical image processing, computer vision. bovik@mail.utexas.edu

Jonathan Dingwell
Kinesiology and Health Education
Research Interests: biomechanics, neuromuscular control, and nonlinear dynamics.  jdingwell@mail.utexas.edu

Joydeep Ghosh
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Large-scale data mining and intelligent data analaysis for high-throughput systems; bioinformatics; health-care system modeling.  ghosh@ece.utexas.edu

Lisa Griffin
Kinesiology and Health Education
Research Interests: Development of Functional Electrical Stimulation systems to enable hand muscle movement of those affected by paralysis from stroke and spinal cord injury.  l.griffin@mail.utexas.edu

Robin Gutell
Integrative Biology
Research Interests: The analysis of RNA sequences from an RNA structure and a molecular phylogenetic perspective can reveal the secondary and tertiary structure of RNA molecules, most notably for the 16S and 23S ribosomal RNAs, and phylogenetic relationships for organisms that span the entire tree of life.  robin.gutell@mail.utexas.edu

Edward Marcotte
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Research Interests: Bioinformatics; functional genomics, proteomics; mass-spectrometric detection of protein expression; protein microarrays; protein-network-guided drug discovery; high-throughput protein interaction screening; high-throughput discovery of gene function.   marcotte@icmb.utexas.edu

Tess J. Moon
Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Cellular and tissue biomechanics and biophysics.  tmoon@mail.utexas.edu

Bugao Xu
Human Ecology
Research Interests: Applications of computer vision technology to measure size and shape of the human body.  bxu@mail.utexas.edu

Non-BME, Non-UT Austin Faculty

John Byrne
Neurobiology & Anatomy, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research Interests: Analysis and synthesis of neural circuits and biochemical and genetic networks mediating learning and memory. John.H.Byrne@uth.tmc.edu 

Yin Liu
Neurobiology and Anatomy, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Large-scale computational analysis of protein interaction networks and signal transduction pathways. Yin.liu@uth.tmc.edu

Harel Shouval
Neurobiology & Anatomy, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research Interests: Theoretical/Computational stduies on the cellular basis of learning, memory and development. harel.shouval@uth.tmc.edu