The University of Texas at Austin Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) seeks to strengthen its partnership with companies in the biomedical engineering industry.


The goal of this partnership is to develop long-term relationships that will expose companies to scholars (future employees) and research opportunities, while supporting the student success initiatives and strategic goals of the BME Department.

For this upcoming academic year, a commitment by September 30 secures partner benefits for September 2013–August 2014.




Burnt Orange

   Recognition on

   Industry Partners
   Board in BME Academic   
   Advising Office  

    Gold benefits

    Platinum benefits

    Recognition on

    BME website linked
    to company's site

    Student field trip hosting

    Feature recognition/company  
    spotlight on BME Alumni
    LinkedIn group

    Opportunity to

    keynote a BME
    student organization
    speaker meeting
on UT
    Austin campus

    Seat at Annual fall
    Biotech Career Fair and
    invitation to attend the
    BME-specific Student
    Networking Reception

   Department-wide job posting
    to undergraduate and

   graduate students and
    postdoctoral researchers

    Invitation to biannual
    Research Symposia

    Reduced subvention fee
   for a Senior Design
($2,500 value)

    BME Partner-of-the-Month
    feature on BME website and

    Company logo recognition
    on BME Building lobby

    Company logo recogntion
    at annual BME Graduation
    Reception and opportunity
    to present alumni awards

    Complimentary Senior
      Design Project

    Invitation to fall BME
    Welcome Gathering and
    recognition as event

     Keynote speaker
    opportunities at any 1 of
    the following:
    External Advisory Committee
    dinner, fall Welcome Gathering,
    "Gone to BME" event,
    Graduation Reception,
    Research Poster
    Symposia & Competition,

    Design Competition


    scholarship for 1 year:
    general academic
    student support or
    study abroad support
    for 1 student

    Paid parking for UT Austin
    campus visits



     Opportunity to deliver
     a talk to all graduate students
     and faculty as part of
     the BME Seminar Series

    Tax deduction


    UT BME-branded gifts


    Staff liaison to BME
    faculty and students



Download a PDF of BME Industry Partner benefits. Contact Margo Cousins (512.471.3049) for more information.


Industry Partners