Cockrell School of Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

James Tunnell

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Associate Professor

Roberta Woods Ray Centennial Fellow in Engineering

Research Area:
Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation

Phone: (512) 232-2110
Office: BME 5.202B

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Research Focus

Biomedical optical spectroscopy and imaging; early cancer detection; laser-tissue interactions; nanotechnology; nano-photonics

Research Interests

Our research focuses on developing minimally invasive optical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, particularly for early cancer. It is widely believed that the greatest achievement that can be made in cancer management is the early detection and subsequent treatment of disease. The next generation cancer management strategies require technologies that combine sensing, targeting, and treating of the earliest stage disease. Our approach combines optical imaging, spectroscopy, and nanotechnology to develop systems capable of combined diagnosis and treatment of early cancer. In addition, the lab actively studies the basic mechanisms of light-tissue interactions to understand light transport and develop novel imaging strategies.The laboratory is currently recruiting students to research topics in these areas. Please contact Dr. Tunnell for more information.

Selected Publications

  • Lim L, Rajaram N, Nichols B, Tunnell JW., The effect of probe pressure on combined diffuse reflectance and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of in human skin. J Biomed Opt 16, 011012, 2011
  • Rajaram N, Reichenberg JS, Migden M, Nguyen T, Tunnell JW., Pilot clinical study for quantitative spectral diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer. Lasers Surg Med 42:716-727, 2010
  • Park J, Estrada A, Schwartz JA, Diagaradjane P, Krishnan S, Dunn AK, Tunnell JW., Intra-organ biodistribution of gold nanoparticles using intrinsic two photon induced photoluminescence. Lasers Surg. Med. 42(7):630-639, 2010  (cover feature)
  • Erickson T, Mazur A, Cuccia D, Durkin A, Tunnell JW., A Lookup-Table Method for Imaging Optical Properties with Structured Illumination Beyond the Diffusion Theory Regime. J Biomed Opt 15(3):036013, 2010
  • Rajaram N, Aramil T, Lee K, Reichenberg JS, Nguyen TH, Tunnell JW., Design and validation of a clinical instrument for spectral diagnosis of cutaneous malignancy. Appl Opt 49(2):142-152, 2010 (also appeared in Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics, 5(3), 2010)
  • Puvanakrishnan P, Park J, Diagaradjane P, Schwartz JA, Coleman C, Gill-Sharp KL, Sang KL, Payne JD, Krishnan S, Tunnell JW., Near infrared narrowband imaging of gold/silica nanoshells in tumors. J Biomed Opt 14(2):024044, 2009
  • Rajaram N, Nguyen TH, Tunnell JW., A Lookup-table based inverse model for measuring optical properties of turbid media. J Biomed Opt 13(5): 050501, 2008
  • Diagaradjane P, Shetty A, Wang J, Elliot A, Schwartz J, Shentu S, Park HC, Deorukhkar A, Stafford J, Cho S, Tunnell JW, Hazle J, Krishnan S., Modulation of in vivo tumor radiation response via vascular-focused hyperthermia—characterizing gold nanoshells as integrated anti-hypoxic and localized vascular disrupting agent. Nano Lett 8(5); 1492-1500, 2008
  • Park J, Estrada A, Sharp K, Sang K, Schwartz JA, Smith D, Coleman C, Payne JD, Korgel B, Dunn AK, Tunnell JW., Two-photon-induced photoluminescence imaging of tumors using near-infrared excited gold nanoshells. Opt Express 16(3):1590-1599, 2008   (also appeared in Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics, 3(3), 2008)