Lan Luan

Photo of Luan, Lan

Research Assistant Professor

Research Area:
Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation

Phone: (512) 232-2892
Office: BME 4.202J

Research Interests

Dr. Luan is a condensed matter experimentalist by training. During her doctoral (Stanford University, 2011) and postdoctoral (Harvard University, 2011-2014) research, she developed novel electrical and magnetic scanning probes and used them to study exotic material properties at low energy scales. Her research currently focuses on sensor development to living systems, specifically development of flexible electrical and optical devices that seamlessly interface with the mammalian brain.

She currently leads the effort of developing a chronic multifunctional neural interface that integrates the-state-of-art electrical recording with functional optical imaging. She is interested in using such multimodal platforms to study basic neuroscience and disease models such as ischemic stroke, hypertension and hypertensive stroke.