NIH Appoints Dunn to Scientific Review Center

headshot of Andrew Dunn

The National Institutes of Health has invited Andrew Dunn, associate professor of biomedical engineering, to serve as a member of the Neuroscience and Ophthalmic Imaging Technologies Study Section, Center for Review.

Selections are based on merit and achievements exhibited by research efforts, scientific journal publications, noteworthy scientific endeavors, and other honors.

"Membership on a study section represents a major commitment of professional time and energy as well as a unique opportunity to contribute to the national biomedical research effort," said Center for Scientific Review Director Richard Nakamura in his letter of invitation to serve.

Study sections review grant applications submitted to the NIH, make recommendations on these applications to the appropriate NIH national advisory council or board, and survey the status of research in their fields of science.

"These functions are of great value to medical and allied research in this country," said Nakamura.

Dunn holds the titles Fellow of Cockrell Family Dean's Chair in Engineering Excellence and Fellow of J. H. Herring Centennial Professorship in Engineering. He is also director of the Center for Emerging Imaging Technologies.