Enzyme Safely Starves Cancer Cells in Preclinical Study

thumbthomas breast cancer imagelg 0A research team led by scientists at The University of Texas Austin has engineered an enzyme that safely treats prostate and breast cancer in animals and also lengthens the lifespan of models that develop chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The new treatment and results from preclinical trials are described in a paper published in the Nov. 21 issue of Nature Medicine.

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Flu Vaccine’s Effectiveness Can Be Improved, New Findings Suggest

georgiou 74A team of engineers and scientists at The University of Texas at Austin is reporting new findings on how the influenza vaccine produces antibodies that protect against disease, research that suggests that the conventional flu vaccine can be improved. The findings were reported in the journal Nature Medicine on Nov. 7.

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Research Leads to Better Understanding of Imprinting Proteins

HeidiCulverthumbIn a new paper in Biomacromolecules, researchers from Nicholas Peppas’ Laboratory of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, and Bionanotechnology describe unexpected results in the field of protein imprinting.

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Sacks Named Fellow of the American Heart Association

Sacks 2014thumbProfessor Michael Sacks has been named a Fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA), a prestigious fellowship through the American Heart Association that recognizes “scientific and professional accomplishments and volunteer leadership and service.”

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