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Want to learn more about biomedical engineering at UT Austin? Check out the Lab Coats Podcast. Hosted by graduate students Shane Allen and Ahmed Hassan, this podcast discusses emerging topics in biomedicine with students, faculty, and other leading experts in the field. Listen here and everywhere podcasts are heard. 


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Please review this important document to assist you through the application process.



PhD and MSE Application Cycles

Applications are accepted for fall admission only for both the PhD and MSE programs. All application materials must be received by December 1. Spring admission for PhD applicants is possible only via faculty nomination. Admission decisions are made in the context of laboratory space and resources available each year.


All application materials for the PhD and MSE must be received by December 1.

Applications that are incomplete December 1, including all required documents and scores, will not be reviewed. The deadline is absolute and we do not grant deadline extensions for any reason.

After submitting your application for admission through the Cockrell School of Engineering, it will take approximately 48 hours to receive a link to upload additional documents. Please take this into consideration and submit your application early.

Required Test Scores

All applicants must submit valid GRE scores. International students must also submit valid TOEFL scores. Our department does not accept IELTS scores. We do not accept MCAT scores in lieu of GRE scores.

Applicants are encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions fully.

Admissions Criteria

The Admissions Committee makes final admission decisions on all applications and does not determine admittance solely based on GRE scores and GPA numbers. Our department does not provide a minimum GRE or GPA for admission.

The Graduate Coordinator cannot predict admittance. The Admissions Committee will not decide admittance until receiving and reviewing all application materials.

The Admissions Committee reviews each prospective student’s application in a holistic way. The committee considers the following criteria:

  • Grade point average (GPA)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement/application essays
  • Undergraduate degree area
  • TOEFL score (if required)
  • Previous research or work experience

Recommended Prerequisite College-level Courses

The courses below are not required for admission but taking them may help an applicant be more competitive during the admissions process. Applicants who have taken these courses may be more prepared for our rigorous graduate curriculum, but those who have not completed all the courses below are still eligible to apply for admission.

  • Calculus-based physics (two semesters)
  • Differential equations
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology (cell or molecular)
  • Physiology

PhD applicants should possess a BS or BA degree in an area compatible with our program. An MS degree is not required. Admitted and enrolled students have the option of earning a coursework MSE degree while working toward the Ph.D. degree. If you possess an MS degree, some of the courses from your MS program of work may count toward the PhD program. Transfer credit will be determined and approved after admittance and enrollment in the program.

MSE applicants should possess a BS or BA degree in an area compatible with our program.

BSBME/MSE Integrated Program Admissions

For current UT Austin BME students who wish to apply to earn a BSBME/MSE


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why BME?

Trying to decide if biomedical engineering is right for you? The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has provided a biomedical engineering careers pathway tool designed specifically for exploring your career options!