Randi Voss

Photo of Voss, Randi


Research Area:

Email: rvoss@mail.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-2165
Office: BME 4.202C

Research and Teaching Interests

I work to discover the aspects of communication—whether written, graphic, or oral—that are most useful to engineers in their professional lives. I work to find or invent the most compelling ways to teach those concepts and skills, drawing on eclectic sources, from corporate training materials on interpersonal communication to acting exercises that reduce stage fright and help with team building.I also study the ethics of communication, especially as related to interpersonal and small-group communication. This research combines work in philosophical and applied ethics with work on practical communication techniques.In the Engineering Communication course (BME 333T), students explore the relationships between the world of science and technology and the social and human world.